The French Song

from by Not Blood Paint

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I met a girl in France
Who said she’d never had to be romantic with a man
Before taking off her glasses, singing,


And one day after having sex inside a sauna
She was speaking quite discretely that she’d like to do a job with me
I looked down at her feet and walked back over to the bar
She’d said, “My only weakness is electric guitar”

So I said, “__________________________________”

Several years ago, I found myself without a home
And set off on the road to find some bread
I met a man who told me he could help make a sale
If I meet him after dark at his hotel

He introduced me to his girlfriend, who he said was blind
But I could see she had a camera up her sleeve
She raised her hand and asked the room who’d like to do a line
And then she smiled and sweetly sidled up to me, singing,


I know I’m never to trust anyone offering 50%
But I’m a sucker for an even split down the middle
Tunnel vision dissolved my apprehension
And it’s harder to lose when you got a pretty face
They’re rooting for you

Well, come to!

My little lady made available a wager
To which he couldn’t help but acquiesce, despite his righteousness
I wished him luck
She softly kisses him, slipped a pistol in his pocket
As a trolley rattled through the night on Chatelet le Halles

They led me to an alley where the light was hard to find
The smell of danger too familiar to deny
She said,

“Now hurry up! The door’s unlocked.
Don’t worry, there aren’t any cops around here
Who won’t gladly take a bribe”

Behind the opera house, a shot rang out
Search lights in a moonlit night
My Mata Hari made salacious love to me
She said, “He’s either dead or in a jail cell somewhere, singing,


I know I’m never to trust anyone offering 50%
But I’m a sucker for an even split down the middle
Tunnel vision waylaid my better judgement

And it’s harder to gauge an opportunities weight
When desperation’s pulling your chain
By the hook in your nose
Now the pretty face turns cold ---

Wait! Don’t leave me holding the smoking gun!
Don’t leave me alone. Don’t leave me…

What’s the matter?
We can get out of the trap society’s set, together
Wait! Don’t leave me alone...

Ah, Ah, Ah
Ah, Ah, Ah
Ah, Ah, Ah
Ah, Ah, Ah


from Believing is Believing, released June 17, 2016



all rights reserved


Not Blood Paint Brooklyn, New York

Not Blood Paint is a theatrically vivid—and sonically intense—four-piece from Bushwick, formed in 2008 by guitarists George Frye and Joe Stratton, bassist Mark Jaynes and drummer Seth Miller.

Musically, it’s a group impossible to pigeonhole, far removed from traditional verse-chorus-verse structures. The songs manifest as detailed stories that worm into the minds of always-shifting narrators.
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